Patient Education Videos

1. What is a cracked tooth and what should I do about it?

2. How can I lighten the color of my teeth?

3. Why do the dentist and hygienist probe my teeth and what does it mean?

4. What is gum disease?

5. Why is my hygienist recommending an extra cleaning appointment?

6. Why is my dentist recommending scaling and root planing treatment?

7. What is the difference between a composite filling and amalgam?

8. What is a dental veneer?

9. Why can't I just get another filling instead of a crown?

10. Why do I need to replace a tooth that is extracted?

11. What is a dental Implant?

12. What is the advantage of an implant over a traditional bridge?

13. What is a bridge?

14. What is a root canal and why do I need one?

15. What is a removable partial denture?

16. My teeth are wearing. What should I do about it?

17. I only want to straighten a couple teeth. Do I have to have braces?

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